Installing The VMware server

This is section from my web pages Musings/Experiments With A Virtual Data Center


The hardware for this project is modest 2U server I built:

  • AMD&tm; Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
  • ??? Mother board
  • 4 Gb DDR2-6400 800 MHz memory
  • Two SATA disk drives

I have installed VMware server 2.0. The first glitch I ran into was that syslog stopped working because the VMware install changed the SElinux security context of the /etc/services file. A google search and a restorecond /etc/services command later the glitch was fixed.

The VMware network configuration is quite complex with the physical network and a total of 10 host only networks:

Network: Number: Function:
vmnet0 Physical network
vmnet1 DMZ network for Palo Alto
vmnet2 Network 1 for Palo Alto
vmnet3 Network 2 for Palo Alto
vmnet4 DMZ network for San Francisco
vmnet5 Network 1 for San Francisco
vmnet6 Network 2 for San Francisco
vmnet7 DMZ network for New York
vmnet8 Network 1 for New York
vmnet9 Network 2 for New York
vmnet10 Virtual backbone network connecting the data centers together