Documenting My Experiments With A Virtual Data Center

This is section from my web pages Musings/Experiments With A Virtual Data Center

I will start out documenting this using raw HTML. I could do this as a Wiki or a Blog, but plain HTML works with only a plain vanilla web server. I may convert it to a Wiki or Blog later when I make up my mind about which is what I want.

A note about my web site. First of all, my HTML editor is vi. No fancy GUI which tend to spew out ugly HTML. A while ago I re-architected my web site to present a consistent look and feel. It uses Cascading Style Sheets and <div>sions to tie together the overall look and to not print useless headers and sidebars for those of us who still like to print things out on paper once in while. I also had problems with adding things to the header or side bars and then needing to update all of the web pages. To solve this I am using m4 as a text compilation tool. This makes a bit of sense considering my Sendmail background. With m4 I use separate templates for the separate pieces, header, sidebar and footer. This allows me to pull in the the separate pieces with a set of simple m4 include() statements. I manage it all with make and set of Makefiles. If I need to change the header, sidebar or footer on all of my web pages, I can edit one template and then use make to update all of my web pages. It also allows me to have a custom piece for a set of web pages such as a custom sidebar for this collection of pages.