Northern California History by Robert Harker

My name is Robert Harker and I am a San Francisco Bay Area native. More precisely a Palo Alto native. Over the 6 decades of my life I have always had an interest in local history of the peninsula. I enjoy the stories of our local history. Not so good at remembering names and dates. But California history on the peninsula is rich and diverse.

Taking a class on California History from the College of San Mateo which has rekindled my interest in local history. (BTW, Professor Irwin's class is excellent.) I have collected many booklets and pamphlets published by historical societies and have enjoyed reading the stories. I am using this site to scan and republish these documents so they do not get lost in the sands of time. Moving these important historical documents from the physical world of my bookshelf to virtual world of the modern Internet.

I have found a wonderful book scanner and have started scanning things. Right now they are just files in directories. I will add index.html files soon: PDF Documents

Stay tuned for more publications

Scanned Booklets by Ralph Rambo

My first endeavors are Ralph Rambo's "Pen and Inklings". Hand drawn text and sketches about growing up in Santa Clara Valley around the turn of the previous century.

"Books by Ralph Rambo"

"Almost Forgotten, Cartoon Pen and Inklings of the Old Santa Clara Valley"

Photos of Palo Alto's Professorville by Robert Harker

Photos of Palo Alto's Professorville: A project I started a few years ago but never knew where to post them.