"Almost Forgotten" by Ralph Rambo"

Cartoon Pen and Inklings of the Old Santa Clara Valley

Ralph Rambo was born in 1894 in San Jose, California. His childhood home was near the intersection of Lawrence Expressway and Sevens Creek Boulivard.

Probably as a gift to his grandchildren he created his "Pen and Inklings". Hand written personal history of his growing up in the Santa Clara Valley in the early 1900's. His Pen and Inklings gives a glimpse into what the valley must have looked like through a boy's eyes. Lots of interesting stories and lots of good local history.

Copyright 1964, Estate of Ralph Rambo

Ralph Rambo's Pen and Inklings are orphaned works at this point. The booklets are no longer published and I do not know the location of Ralph Rambo's heirs. I am publishing a scanned reproduction of his work under fair use for educational purposes only. I am hoping that 4th grade teachers teaching California History will find it useful to share with their students. I think that residents of the Santa Clara Valley, the Bay Area and California will find it interesting and enlightening.

I think this is how Ralph Rambo would want his wonderful work used.

Please contact me if you are related to Ralph Rambo. I would like to talk to you about your grandfather or great grandfather.

"Almost Forgotten" by Ralph Rambo"

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