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Harker Systems is now just Robert Harker.

Open Data

I am currently working on Public Open Data. In particular I am working on finding interesting datasets for the County of San Mateo's Open Data portal:

I am writing about my work on:
Open Data Information

Past Talks and Interests

My BayLISA talk on managing "pet" server configurations using git:
Using Git To Document System Configurations: Managing Pet Server Configurations With Version Control

Something I wrote about understanding sizing issues with OpenStack servers:
Cloud Hardware Math: OpenStack Production Server Sizing and Configuration

I went to the PerconaLive conference and it got me thinking about managing database security in a data center:
Data Security In A Web FE/API/MySQL/Big Data Environment

The gaming and cosplay communities acceptance of rape threats against women and girls is a pervasive problem most people are unaware of.
My college age daughter got her first rape threat when she was eleven. She has a comments about why it starts at such a young age:
A Geek Girl gets her first gaming/cosplay community rape threat around age 11

My blog on technology and other personal interests: Robert Harker's blog

Some articles I have written and am writing:
Robert Harker's technical articles

If you are looking for the Harker School or Harker Academy please go here. A very fine school.

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