Including A Quick Reference Guide To The sendmail Metasymbols in the file

When trying to debug files, it would be nice to have a short "cheet sheet" of the sendmail metasymbols. Well, I have a M4 template that will include a a quick reference guide to the sendmail metasymbols in your File.

This M4 template can be found at

To add the cheet sheet to your file you would download the template either the hack or feature sub-directory of the sendmail-8.X/cf directory. If you were going to add the cheet sheat as a M4 HACK or FEATURE the file would be called:
or   feature/cheatsheet.m4
In your file

This template would be included in your file by including:
or   FEATURE(cheatsheet)
in your file.

Just another "Harker's Helpful Hints"