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Devops Camp


Personal DevOps Tools

Your laptop is your personal Swiss army knife. We'll teach you some of the tools and practices you must know in order to succeed in today's DevOps world. Others are nice to have but can be game changers.

Source code control using Git and Github
Virtualization using Vagrant
Boxen to manage your personal system
Much more

System Administration Fundamentals

Unix/Linux Operating systems are the foundations of largest Cloud infrastructures. We assume you know the fundamentals of Linux. We'll review the manual System Administration tasks, setting the stage for automating them using Configuration Management tools and scripting.

Shell and Command-line
File System basics
Process Control
User Management
Package Installation and other common tasks
Linux Troubleshooting

Networking Fundamentals

Public Cloud infrastructures like Amazon Web Services has changed the networking skill set requirements for a DevOps engineer. We assume you know the essential networking concepts below, however, we'll review them for completeness.

Network stack and protocols
DNS, DHCP, NAT, Routing
Linux Network configuration
Linux Network Troubleshooting

Scripting and Automation

Scripts for common automation tasks using following languages. We believe it is important to learn multiple languages even if you don't become an expert in them. You can always specialize later.

Shell scripts
Python scripts
Programming against API

Configuration Management

Common configuration management tasks using the following configuration management tools. We'll use these tools in their simplest deployment to learn the basics as fast as we can. Advanced features will be used in group projects where you can choose which tool you want to use. We typically teach the following two tools, but may teach others depending on the class.


Amazon Web Services

AWS is the 900lb gorrilla of the Public Cloud providers. Throughout the Bootcamp, you'll be introduced to various services offered by AWS as you execute projects.

Amazon EC2 servers, Security Groups, Load Balancers
Amazon S3 Storage
Amazon RDS Database (MySQL)
Amazon Access management
Amazon Monitoring and Notifications
Automation using Amazon API libraries in Python

Cloud Operation Essentials

Monitoring and Alerting
Logging and Log Mining
Performance Metrics and Graphing

Continuous Integration and Delivery

We cover the fundamental concepts of Git based Workflows, Automated testing frameworks and Continuous Integration.

Explore Packaging and Deployment strategies to enable Continuous Delivery.

Jenkins is used with sample applications for projects.

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