Questions and Answers

Can I use DEVSTACKpy for production?

No. We mean it. Really. DEVSTACKpy makes some implementation choices that are not appropriate for production deployments. We warned you! No, no no no no no no no no no. No.

How do I get program usage?

$ ./stack --help

How do I run a specific OpenStack milestone?

OpenStack milestones have tags set in the git repo. Set the appropriate setting in the branch variables in conf/stack.ini.

Note: Swift is on its own release schedule so pick a tag in the Swift repo that is just before the milestone release.

For example:

# Quantum client git repo
quantum_client_repo = git://
quantum_client_branch = essex-3

# Melange service
melange_repo = git://
melange_branch = essex-3

# Python melange client library
melangeclient_repo = git://
melangeclient_branch = essex-3

OMG the images take forever to download!

Sometimes the images that will be uploaded to glance take a long time to download and extract and upload.

To adjust this edit conf/stack.ini and change the following:



# uec style cirros 0.3.0 (x86_64) and ubuntu oneiric (x86_64)
image_urls =,

To something like the following:



# uec style cirros 0.3.0 (x86_64)
image_urls =

This will remove the larger ubuntu image and just use the smaller cirros image (which should not take to long to upload).