• Supports more than one distribution.
    • Currently RHEL 6.2 (with epel), Ubuntu 11.10, Fedora 16
  • Supports dry-run mode (to see what would happen)
  • Supports varying installation personas
  • A single stack.ini file that shows common configuration
  • Supports install/uninstall/starting/stopping of OpenStack components.
  • Written in python so it matches the style of other OpenStack components.
  • Extensively documented distribution specifics
    • Packages and pip (with versions known to work!) dependencies
    • Any needed distribution specific actions (ie service names…)
  • Follows standard software development practices (for everyones sanity).
    • Functions, classes, objects and more (oh my!)
    • Still readable by someone with limited python knowledge.
  • The ability to be unit-tested!
  • Extensive logging

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