Musings On Setting Up A Data Center

Robert Harker
harker at harker dot com

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What Goes Into Setting Up A Data Center?

In my conversations about OpenStack and setting up an OpenStack cluster I find that most people assume that there will be a bunch of infrastructure in place.

What infrastructure you ask?

Well to start with the network and the Internet connection.

Then network services such as:

What about systems administration support:

Are you going to keep track of what you do?

Maybe an LDAP server for user account authentication

What about monitoring and trend analysis:

You have software developers right?

Do you want sysadmin tools to run commands and jobs across a fleet of hosts:

What about security?

A lot of infrastructure that is assumed to be there when you deploy an OpenStack cluster.

Do you need all of it? No
Is there overlap with services provided by OpenStack? Yes

But setting up an OpenStack cluster has a lot of other requirements than simply OpenStack.

Stay tuned for what I set up for the Silicon Valley Cloud Center.