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Make your first Socrata map

This is a very short, less than five minute tutorial on how to make a map from a data set with valid location data.

Seattle, WA's office of emergency services provides a real time feed of E911 calls. These are non-law enforcement calls.

In five minutes you will take a long, long, long table of text data and convert it into a map of the calls received in the last 2 days.

If you can point and click, you can make this map.


Structured Documents

Storing Structured Documents in Socrata

SMC Civic Tech:
An Introduction To Open Data and the Socrata Portal
San Mateo County Civic Engagement & Technology Meetup

Policies and Procedures

California Public Records Act, CPRA

CPRA Request For hosting E911 Realtime Data On Policy and Procedure

CPRA Request For hosting E911 Realtime Data On Technical issues


Socrata Open Data Portals


20150911 Meeting with Larry Patterson,
San Mateo City Man ager.